Facing a shark? Deal With it - and Feel Safe

Facing a shark? Deal With it - and Feel Safe

"Dos and don'ts" among sharks

Most people fear sharks, but why? It's not likely they had a bad experience with one of them. So then, why? Is it because sharks can come up from the dim and dark depths of the sea, can hurt and even kill us, can't be read, and we don't know how to react when facing one? Whatever the reason may be, sharks are not the animals the media portrays. They are most often shy, cautious, and hesitant to come closer, and that includes the ultimate predator as well; the white shark. Sharks are the least dangerous predators over 100 lbs on our planet. That says it all. However, numbers don't count when facing a shark, and its curiosity may take over. So why is dealing with sharks in the wild still such an unknown? Aren't there researchers out there studying the true nature of these animals? No, they aren't, and there isn't. Only a handful of scientists study shark-human interaction and body language. This talk is about the insight of such work and the most intriguing questions of all: what is the thinking process behind a shark's approach, how does a shark interpret a new situation, what factors likely dominate such an approach? Questions like these are studied through series of tests between sharks and humans in defined but free, non-restricted scenarios and answers given to the "Why me?" and "What do I have to do?" questions. Erich shares his motivation and knowledge about facing sharks and how everybody can learn and not just be among them but also how to communicate. You learn what to look for when a shark approaches, what factors influence the situation the most, and most importantly, how to act and react safely based on the shark's signaling. This talk is ideal for: - Any recreational person: swimmer, surfer, diver, spearfisher, beachgoer - Lifeguards & rescue personal - Sailors - Anybody who wants to see behind the eyes of a shark Other topics are available: - After a near-fatal shark attack getting back into the game (motivation) - Act, react, rescue and prevention - dealing with a shark incident (education)

Erich Ritter — Motivational Speaker

Erich Ritter

You cannot hide from yourself when facing a shark

There are no dangerous sharks - but dangerous situations

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