Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

Strategies for Effective and Confident Communication

Poor communication costs money and time, straining stakeholder relationships. Bring your communication to the next level by connecting your voice and body, for clear, organized and effective communication. Recognize your unique individual strengths and those of your colleagues, to develop and maintain trusting relationships. In this interactive and experiential training, participants will practice new tools to move conversations forward, rather than letting them become stuck or exhaustive. By incorporating a full-body approach, participants will access a new set of techniques to focus conversations on needed information for audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. Actionable Takeaways: - Activate the intricacies of your voice and body as powerful tools in your leadership. - Navigate common communication challenges with empathy, clarity and curiosity - Initiate and grow trusting relationships of reciprocal exchange by remaining fully present and inviting differing perspectives - Identify and address common communication challenges that arise during high-stress situations

Hilary Blair — Motivational Speaker

Hilary Blair

Your Message: Authenticity, Influence and Executive Presence

Teams and individuals with excellent interpersonal communication, authenticity, and leadership presence are more trusting, successful, and productive. Elevated communication skills deepen relationships, maximize impact, and unlock a thriving culture.

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