Embracing Public Speaking-5 Tips to Minimizing Communication Anxiety

Embracing Public Speaking-5 Tips to Minimizing Communication Anxiety

5 Tips to Minimizing Communication Anxiety

A 20-20 investigation indicated that the top fear of individuals in Western Society is public speaking. Individuals with high levels of communication apprehension experience emotional distress during or anticipating communication, prefer to avoid communication, and are perceived by others and themselves as less competent, skilled, and successful. As result of higher levels of public speaking anxiety, many individuals fail to seek opportunities for public speaking training and avoid volunteering to communicate in public speaking contexts. This may limit growth in careers where public communication is required, representing a meaningful barrier in career advancement and promotion. This session will help participants understand their communication anxiety and learn to manage and minimize these effects. Participants will also leave with five practical tips for minimizing public speaking anxiety.

Dr. Joy Jones — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Joy Jones

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