Turn Me On

Turn Me On

How To Give Great Business Presentations That Inspire Action

Whether you are presenting as an entrepreneur and pitching your idea, presenting as an executive to inspire greatness in your people, or presenting your ideas to get others on board, your skills as a presenter are critical. Being a great presenter is not just about the content! It is more about the engagement that one can create with their audience. It is about moving your audience from passive listeners to active evangelists for your idea or even for you as a leader. If you have a team who finds themselves regularly in front of groups of any size, their ability to shift their own mindset, connect with the audience, and inspire action are the building blocks of your success. It is in the skills of a great presenter that great success is born for any product or service. This program accompanies the book, Turn Me On, written by Jody Holland and available on Amazon. It takes a deeper dive into the skills that create predictable success in presenting. There is a hypnotic nature to a great presenter, but great presenters are not born great. They are simply born, and the rest is up to them. They learn to master their inner mindset and control their reactions by building success triggers. They master playing the role of the stage presence, while captivating their audience through their movements. They are not rigid, but flow like water as they own the stage or board room and eventually the minds of those listening to them. They read the audience and adjust on the fly to the nonverbal reactions of others. By the end of their engagement, the audience is begging for another helping of whatever they have to offer. These are the skills of the great presenter and the skills that your team will learn about in this program!

Jody Holland — Motivational Speaker

Jody Holland

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Author of 18 books and 30+ training programs, Jody Holland speaks on a range of topics from leaving a legacy as a leader, to leadership, to having influence in an overly influenced world. Spark both positive emotion and change with Jody Holland!

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