Taming the E-mail Beast

Taming the E-mail Beast

Key Strategies for Managing Your E-mail Overload Using MS Outlook and/or Gmail

In this program, Randy Dean, MBA, will teach you strategies for better managing your e-mail overload, including strategies for better prioritizing incoming e-mails, converting e-mails into calendar, task, and/or contact items, reducing e-mail distraction, and automating certain e-mail actions for better efficiency. He'll also show a handy strategy for automating some of your outgoing e-mails, and even discuss better management of CC's, forwards, replies, and "FYI's". Attendees to this session walk out with tangible skills and techniques for gaining efficiency and productivity with e-mail, using the two market-leading software programs: MS Outlook and Gmail. At the end of this program, attendees will be able to: - Understand the nature of e-mail & information overload in today's workplace - Have a strategy for “splitting” work, personal, and junk/spam e-mails for greater efficiency - Use a very simple “rule” for managing all incoming e-mail that allows for both greater speed and prioritization of those messages and embedded tasks - Learn how to convert e-mails quickly into tasks, contacts, and calendar items - Use embedded functions inside of your e-mail that allow you to “automate” certain common activities/messages - Build a personal file “infrastructure” that can assist in achieving greater organization and possibly even “e-mail ZERO”! - Better manage both sent and received CC's, Forwards, and Replies, to reduce confusion and increase communication capabilities. Most professionals that attend this program achieve significant progress with managing their e-mail, enhancing productivity, and reducing distraction thereof. One client even found that the average attendee to my session saved 2+ hours per week per employee.

Randy Dean -- The E-mail Sanity Expert! — Motivational Speaker

Randy Dean -- The E-mail Sanity Expert!

I help people manage their time, e-mail, projects, & people!

I'm best known for my programs on Taming the E-mail Beast, Finding an Extra Hour Every Day, Optimizing Your MS Outlook, Time Management Using Gmail/Google, and Smart Phone Success & Terrific Tablets. I get people productive using popular tools!

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