Increase Productivity by Incorporating Gratitude into the Workplace

Increase Productivity by Incorporating Gratitude into the Workplace

Benefits & the Bottom-Line

Discover innovative strategies to add the Neuroscience of GRATITUDE into your organization. When people think of the word W-O-R-K, happiness and gratitude are rarely associated with it. However, statistics from universities around the world, reveal that Lack of Appreciation ranks at the top of reasons people leave their jobs: costing companies world-wide approximately 160 BILLION dollars a year in employee turnover and training. Gratitude is the relationship booster that will improve your organization’s productivity, build resiliency, increase problem solving skills and encourage team building. One of the best ways to increase the level of happiness in the workplace is by building a benefit-rich environment that cultivates the practice of GRATITUDE. During this interactive and insightful presentation, you will learn how to “thank” effectively and acquire proven techniques to impact your organization tomorrow. Learn How To: - Implement simple practices of GRATITUDE into your organization for lasting results. - Build loyalty, productivity and creativity through the use of scientific gratitude. - Identify opportunities for encouragement and appreciation. - Boost your teams’ sense of purpose and engagement through descriptive gratitude statements.

Staci Danford-Brains & Business Expert — Motivational Speaker

Staci Danford-Brains & Business Expert

reWIRE your BRAIN to reINVENT your future.

Staci is the perfect mix of JOY & Neuroscience: teaching you how to transform your life, your business and your relationships using cutting-edge science to change brain patterns. This presentation is Interactive, Humorous, Insightful & Unforgettable.

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