Engaging the Media to Boost Your Bottom Line

Engaging the Media to Boost Your Bottom Line

Small Tricks and Big Ideas

We all know that today's media universe is a cacophony of people screaming "see me" from so many sources...and we know that the folks in the media are totally overwhelmed by their inboxes. So how do you get heard? Ah.....those are the answers I'll provide your business audience with a dynamic and interactive presentation tailored for their businesses. I use anecdotes and stories from Fortune 500 and small businesses, and a sense of humor where we'll share our war stories and fabulous successes. I'll talk about how I landed a division of Chrysler on the front page of the world's best media during the crisis period when the government was taking over Chrysler - and how it catapulted our company to "best year ever." I'll have your audience present their challenges and they'll leave with practical, creative ideas they can implement tomorrow - and boost their bottom line. Let's get started!

Joan Michelson — Motivational Speaker

Joan Michelson

Increasing Women in Leadership in Your Organization

You have diversity goals, but consistently fall short and you don't know why. You need more women in leadership but they aren't applying for the roles or are declining them and you don't know why. I will share the fundamental shift you need to make.

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