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How does a believer focus during these difficult prophetic times? Covid 19 will go down as one of the biggest disasters in world history. But we all will got through it and moved on. Now we have a world where morality has been tossed out the window. Whereas if you are a conservative, you are a bigot or racist. How did a missing persons detective get selected to be in the top one hundred out of 17,000 Americas Got Talent (AGT) applicants?! Oh yes, and he was only 1 out of 6 magic acts in the entire country selected to be on the show. His featured performance was watched by 10 million viewers. Most recently in January, 2019 performed at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Known as the all-night runner, Giani has completed over 24 marathons and 6 ultra marathons. His fastest time for the 26.2 miles is 2:55 (average 6:47 minutes a mile). What "marathon" are you running in your life? Giani will provide the audience that once you lose focus on the Lord, your dreams are just dreams. Our perception the Lord gives us is paramount to how we see the world. Using his ultramarathon training, AGT journey, cancer patient trial, and 24 years of police work (PTSD enriched environment), Giani provides the audience and guests a journey they will never forget. Giani went from being a hero to a zero overnight. How our perception of what is happening all around us can affect our focus on God. Giani uses mentalism and humor he has used in Las Vegas and America's Got Talent in combination with true stories to leave your guests not only feeling, but knowing they can do anything in this world with God's plan! Giani shows how one can go after a goal but maybe God has another plan for their life. "Pivot Goals" are alternate goals that are in line with God's plan for one's life. Your passion and God's plan can coincide! How and why does God choose anyone for his purposes? A controversial subject presented in a fun way. Plenty of mind boggling out of this world demonstrations showing how deceptions can deceive even the elect. This will be one of the most unique experiences of your life. Every program can be tailored beginning with a questionnaire. ALL BIBLICAL! New Book is due out in October 2022 (see cover). THIS PROGRAM IS NOT JUST FOR CHURCHES! The faith-based motivational interactive speech can be supplemented with mingling entertainment before and after the speaking engagement. A motivational speaker who dares to be different and not follow protocol for what someone can or cannot achieve. A speaker who guarantees the audience will remember the emotions felt during the presentation is the key to all motivational speaking goals. Just wait until you see the conclusion of his presentation! Takeaways are anchored in a demonstration using the entire process with an audience member! An audience member will be able to do something beyond impossible! Giani's mind-boggling mentalism combined with an anchored motivational speech that is nothing like your clients has ever experienced before. This program is excellent for executives, employees, and students alike. Giani presented in Muncie, Indiana and Lake Chelan Resort in Washington. (see flier in photo gallery). We are here 24/7 for booking worldwide: Quick Connect: 210-219-5596. Feel free to call or text with any questions or visit us at, BIOGRAPHY: Ministry: Former Volunteer Chaplain Bexar County Jail Educator two independent school districts New book: Why did God Choose Me- Mystery of God's Election due out 2023! Best on GigMasters Award 2022 Education: Undergraduate and Advanced Degrees. Military: Air Force veteran Cancer Survivor Books: "Beside the Launch Pad" Eyewitness to the Space Shuttle Challenger 51L Disaster was released in June and his newest book "How to Motivate your Employees without being a Mentalist" just released on Amazon in October 2019. 23 years of law enforcement experience (PTSD and recovery) (ask about university presentations on changing police times) Largest audience to date: 2400 (Austin, Texas - 2012) Standouts: 24 marathons and 6 ultra-marathons (motivational) QUICK CONNECT:: 210-219-5596 call or text. REVIEW: "Everyone had a great time! We hired Giani for a National Sales Meeting dinner that we had with the team, and we could not have made a better choice. I thought he was going to have a hard time winning over a room full of skeptics, but he didn't! His performance style and sense of humor won our audience over and truly made the evening a memorable one! This was something out of the ordinary from any type of entertainment that we typically have had, but something we will definitely think about doing again! You can't go wrong with Giani!" Nicole, J

Giani — As Seen on America's Got Talent — Motivational Speaker

Giani — As Seen on America's Got Talent

Giani provides programs that include magic and mentalism!

Decision-making amongst all the chaos. How? Giani provides a Las Vegas value, audience-interactive, content-driven presentation you will never forget. A FULL-TIME national speaker, author, professional performer, and cancer survivor. Where magic and content collide with an unforgettable finish! Much more than a stand-up talk, it's a life-changing experience where the audience is 100 percent involved. Unlimited options and packages are available. A combined 90 reviews on GigSalad, GigMasters, and Google. Value-oriented. This is a new world now; things have changed. Sure, you can book a conventional speaker. Or, you can book an unconventional speaker who has adapted and presents a one-of-a-kind program that will be talked about months, if not years, after your conference ends. Next stops: Indianapolis, North Texas, Chicago, Seattle, Colorado Springs. New York, New Jersey, Kalahari Lake Chelan Resorts and Las Vegas. Quick connect: 210-219-5596

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