You're Wired for 'THIS'

You're Wired for 'THIS'

Confidently Navigating Change

Welcome High Achievers! If you are in this room, you're already wired to handle change. Nina inspires high achievers to take on change and thrive through tough times. (This session is great for groups going through a challenging time, industry changes, M&A, or new leadership.) This presentation reminds today’s workforce of the inherent power they possess. Nina shows audiences how to tap into their ability to adapt to change, and gives them a framework to handle anything life throws at them! Audience Outcomes: -Learn their Psychological Response to Change. -Recognize the ‘Success Cycle’ and stress they are creating for themselves. -Learn ‘THIS’ Framework to efficiently navigate adversity of all sizes. -Build a growth mindset towards change. Motivational, Energizing, Lasting Impact

Nina Sossamon-Pogue — Motivational Speaker

Nina Sossamon-Pogue

You Got THIS!

The Mindset, Motivation & Tools to Thrive Through Changes Nina ignites audiences with a dynamic fusion of science and stoicism. A former USA Gymnast, Emmy-winning News Anchor, accomplished Corporate Leader, and Best-Selling Author, Nina is known for her achievements and for authentically sharing her struggles. Nina delivers the mindset, motivation, and tools that become second nature and can improve culture and productivity. She's an Energizing Influence on and off the stage!

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