Thriving in the Left Turn

Thriving in the Left Turn

A Roadmap to Resilience

How do we thrive after trauma and tragedy and heartbreak? At the age of 28, Jo had to make the impossible choice to undergo a leg amputation for hope of a better life. Jo speaks about cultivating resilience through an unexpected strategy. Through poignant anecdotes and empowering insights, she navigates the audience through life's unexpected left turns, revealing the transformative power of embracing challenges. Discover the roadmap to not only survive but thrive in the face of adversity.

Footless Jo — Motivational Speaker

Footless Jo

I am a dynamic public speaker and below-knee amputee with 1.7 million social media followers. Using humor, I educate and entertain, sharing insights into life when we're thrown curveballs. Advocating for inclusivity and empowerment, I support causes aligned with my commitment to making a positive impact.

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