Keep Conquering

Keep Conquering

Doing Things You’ve Never Done

Antarctic Mike’s flagship keynote program, Keep Conquering: Doing Things You’ve Never Done is all about one thing: Moving forward through life’s most challenging moments. As a student of Antarctic history, Mike knows considerably about overcoming adversity. The early polar explorers faced some of the most challenging conditions that any human being in recorded history has ever seen. Why they intentionally went into these conditions, how they prepared for it and what they learned are the basis for Mike’s program. Inspired by these polar pioneers, Mike decided to follow in their footsteps. In 2006, he traveled to Antarctica twice from San Diego, CA to be among the first group of people to partake in the Antarctic Ice Marathon and the Antarctic Ultra-Marathon. The story of how Mike trained in a commercial freezer for 2 years will inspire you and challenge you. Most importantly, the lessons that Mike learned along the journey of endurance, helped him get through one of the most difficult situations anyone can face as his wife Angela almost lost her life several times due to a traumatic accident. All of us experience difficulties and obstacles every single day. Some of these moments are not very difficult and some are off-the-charts hard. No matter what challenges you face, Keep Conquering: Doing Things You’ve Never Done will empower and motivate you to keep moving forward.

Antarctic Mike — Motivational Speaker

Antarctic Mike

Everybody has an Antarctica to conquer. What’s yours?

I teach leaders how to keep conquering through the struggles of life, moving forward no matter what's in front of them.

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