Boosting Team Resilience: Keys to Connect, Engage and Motivate Others In An Ever-Changing World

Boosting Team Resilience: Keys to Connect, Engage and Motivate Others In An Ever-Changing World

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Program Description: Connection is the heartbeat of life and leadership - especially during uncertain times. The reality is that connecting, motivating and leading your people through change and uncertainty – much less a pandemic – can be a challenge to say the least. Overwhelm, stress, burnout, too much to do, competing priorities. The stresses of home, work and everything in between, especially when working from home is the new norm and the lines of work and home are more blurred than ever. Lack of focus, energy and motivation. The reality is that ongoing change and uncertainty for this sustained period of time is taking a toll on you and your people. As a leader, how you show up during this ever-changing high stress pandemic and post-pandemic world matters. Your people need you now more than ever before. In this engaging session, Kim will share keys to build resilient leadership so that you can effectively connect, motivate, and boost the resilience of others during this stressful time when the workplace continues to change and looks different for everyone. Program Outcomes: Leave this program learning how to: • Identify specific communication strategies to truly connect and engage with others during this time - whether in person or virtually. • Understand the power of emotional intelligence and how empathy and compassion can build stronger and more resilient teams in this virtual world. • Develop the skills to help others become more adaptable to change and more resilient which increases individual morale, engagement and productivity.

Kim Becking — Motivational Speaker

Kim Becking

Change Catalyst. Resilience Booster. Momentum Builder.

Kim Becking is an engaging, high-energy, fun and impactful motivational keynote speaker who helps others conquer change, boost resilience and create a Momentum Mindset no matter what.

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