Rallying in the Third Quarter

Rallying in the Third Quarter

Succeeding and Finding Fulfillment Later in Life

This program delivered via speech, seminar and workshop is designed to help those in the 55 to 75 age range gain a better idea and understanding of today's retiring years. Retirement can be defined much differently today than in earlier years. Besides new challenges there are many new opportunities that exist today for those looking at and entering the, "golden years." Using current examples and stories attendees can come to understand that they have choices that didn't exist for their parents. Designed to be informative, optimistic, upbeat and inspiring attendees will have an opportunity to think about where they are, where they might go, and how to help themselves get there. This can be a transformational experience for individuals and couples looking for answers. Material in this presentation is in part from research done in preparation for Craig Hulet’s forthcoming book, Rallying in the Third Quarter.

Craig Hulet — Motivational Speaker

Craig Hulet

Every Thirty Days

Speaking on: Nine Best Practices for Small Business Success & Finding Success and Fulfillment Later in Life

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