Get To Yes. It's not about price. It's about delivering a solution.

Get To Yes. It's not about price. It's about delivering a solution.

Creating a competitive differentiation to maintain price integrity and 'win' new business

Getting To Yes does not mean reducing your price. If you are being asked to lower your price ask yourself, Are you under-servicing? If the marketplace perceived you as the one who offered the most value for the price, who do you think would get the lion’s share of the business? It would be YOU at the expense of your competition. The way to OUTLEARN the competition isn’t just to OUTWORK the competition but to OUTTHINK the competition. How you think is as important as what you think. And none of that requires a price reduction. Let me ask you a question. Do you provide FACTUAL EMBRACEABLE BELIEVABLE CREDIBLE reasons for paying a higher price for your service because of your COMPETITIVE DIFFERENTIATION? If you can't answer YES to the above, I will work with your company to develop robust pricing strategies and capabilities. I will collaborate with you so your team can confidently implement your pricing strategy for measurable, long-term success. How will you WOW them? And be different? What do your Customers need? Why should your Customers buy from us and continue? It’s important to remember that just because one pricing strategy has been implemented successfully does not mean it will always be effective. Best-practice pricing is a process where pricing strategies must constantly be revisited and optimized. I believe people will learn more if they are engaged and have fun. To ensure that this type of environment is created, my customized program is: Activity-based/experiential Quick movement from theory into application through individual exercises. Applicable to problems faced by participants The exercises s allow participants to work on their business issues in real-time. This way, they leave the session with a clear sense of what needs to be done when they return to their desk. Leveraging the group’s wisdom Participants are encouraged to contribute throughout the session. Industry-focused Industry-specific cases and examples extend the team's learning and can easily be related to their situation. OUTCOMES For Sales Teams, I will show them how to negotiate a price with procurement, successfully selling price increases Senior Management I will demonstrate pricing best practices, build world-class pricing capabilities, cultivate a corporate culture for pricing, and create a vision for the future. Marketing Department I will discuss Price setting, segmentation, and new product pricing for Marketing Departments. For your audience, they will learn how to execute pricing and learn skills training for high performance successfully.

James D. Feldman CSP, CITE, CPIM, CPT, PCS — Motivational Speaker

James D. Feldman CSP, CITE, CPIM, CPT, PCS

AI Concierge™ Transformation Advisor Delivering Real Results

James is a thoughtful communicator who prepares carefully and arrives early to be perfectly prepared. He knows how to use all five senses to actively engage with others, and he leverages his expertise in AI and ChatGPT to reinforce important content points using licensed movie scenes. James has followed an unconventional path to achieve success in both his personal and professional life, and he believes that "inside the box" thinking is necessary to win in today's world.

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