Marketing that Builds Referrals for Professionals

Marketing that Builds Referrals for Professionals

Lessons I Learned After Spending Over 6 Millions of Dollars on Advertising

There is a major difference between the clients/customers that you acquire from referrals compared to those coming from raw advertising. The referred buyer is pre-sold on you and your business. This can make a huge difference. Stan had spent millions of dollars advertising legal services before he had a life changing paradigm shift that radically improved overall performance of his marketing. The lessons he has learned can be easily applied and should produce a much higher yield per dollar spent. More importantly, with a better qualified customer or client. Unfortunately, most people spend the majority of their advertising budget trying to reach that new 'potential' customer who does not know them from Adam; while failing to properly invest in their present and past customers. Stan teaches how to turn your warm contacts into your SALES FORCE utilizing your ad budget. He shows you how to build Super Sales Stars out of individuals that do not even realize that they are on your Sales Team. Referrals should not be left to chance - especially when we understand how the brain works and what we must do to influence it. You can advertise without advertising by understanding the human mind. People hate junk mail (which firm newsletter can become), but they like it when someone thinks of them and makes them feel special, they will reward that person or company. Mr. Reynolds has been paid tens of thousands of dollars for his copy-writing skills and he is eager to share some of his secrets with you. Your audience will thank you for this fresh perspective and will give you the credit for helping them to spend less and get more for their marketing investments. Call Stan now at (813) 406-7000. You will be glad you did!

Stan Reynolds — Motivational Speaker

Stan Reynolds

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