Purpose + People =Profits

Purpose + People =Profits

The competitive advantage of the new economy

Purpose, People, and Profits Lisa Copeland teaches sales organizations about Purpose + People = Profits. Her proven formula for success outlines how high-performance organizations deliver extraordinary sales results by creating a “Sold-Out” culture where people believe that what they do matters. Increased employee engagement, retention and ROI are the proof. During her keynote Lisa explores what she believes is the “secret sauce” that businesses are looking for today. What will be discussed are her success six components. - The Belief Factor- - Customer Centric Team - Developing Agility - Root For Each Other - Becoming Accountable - Developing your legacy Lisa used these six proven principles when she relaunched the FIAT brand to the United States. Her team was ‘mission driven” the result was, that in the lands of trucks and SUV’s her team broke the world sales record with a micro car. Lisa will give practical applications to start using TODAY, so you can bring back to your teams. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a Fortune 500 these success principles are a proven success track. Lisa will teach your team how to root out the competition, build a winning strategy that will guarantee success! She will demonstrate how to execute fearlessly and strategically to align your sales efforts to increase the bottom line. She will teach new ways to differentiate your business from the competition; your business’s strengths and unique value (that you might be overlooking); identify your ideal clients and learn what they really need; segment your market to make prospecting and selling more efficient; create a powerful selling message that speaks to the head and the heart. The way most companies sell is not aligned with the way people buy. My strategies and tactics bring sellers and buyers into alignment so companies can grow and increase ROI. It’s time to stop thinking in the past and instead get fearless about how to engage customers and grow your bottom line!

Lisa Copeland — Motivational Speaker

Lisa Copeland

Purpose, People, Profit

"Sales Keynote Speaker,Lisa Copeland teaches sales organizations the "3 P's" Purpose+ People= Profits! Delivering extraordinary sales results by creating a "Sold-Out" culture, where people believe that what they do matters.!

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