The 7 Secrets Overview

The 7 Secrets Overview

I Teach and Discuss How to Become the Salesperson Everyone Wants to Talk To

This program can be adapted from a quick 30-45 minute overview, to a full 90-minute discussion on how the 7 Secrets, once implemented, will not only increase sales numbers significantly, but will catapult positive online reviews and surveys. The 7 Secrets also help salespeople feel great about themselves and what they do, shedding the "salesperson" snake skin stereotype they are so often put into by many prospects. This program can be tailored to be a keynote, breakout session, or a practical hands-on seminar.

Allan Langer — Motivational Speaker

Allan Langer


If you're looking for the same old sales talks or seminars, then don't hire me. DO hire me if you want a refreshing, dynamic, engaging experience that your audience will be talking about well after they leave your event.

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