Body Language in Sales

Body Language in Sales

The Most Ignored Part of Sales Training is Paying Attention to Body Language

It has been estimated that over 92% of salespeople are never trained in paying attention to body language. 92%! How is that possible, when understanding what your prospect's or customer's body language is saying to you is absolutely CRITICAL in helping salespeople make sales. This training or breakout session takes a deep dive into the world of body language, but as it pertains to selling, not an overall view. It is specific in what I train to look for and what your own body is saying. It is one of my most popular and requested programs.

Allan Langer — Motivational Speaker

Allan Langer


If you're looking for the same old sales talks or seminars, then don't hire me. DO hire me if you want a refreshing, dynamic, engaging experience that your audience will be talking about well after they leave your event.

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