"The Prophet Zone"

"The Prophet Zone"

From Sha Rene, the author of "If God had @n email Address" comes her most exciting book yet. A book of her dreams and a look into our future given by Christ. This book is the first of a series that takes you from the 1960's, the year of her birth to the 1980's. This is from her personal diary. She thought she would keep to herself, but God told her to let all of you know what would happen. What if she had a dream about 911 years before and it happened? What if she dreamt of the Coronavirus years before? Would you believe her? What if she saw the soldiers on the rooftops with rifles and saw what will happen to the sun before it happens? To have this information is valuable because God actually shows her, and it is amazing. Even more than being amazing is her goal to get you to God. Her goal is to get you to repent. There is this special number that constantly shows up number 105 and it is her special number whereby it refers to, Psalms 105:15, " Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm." It is the number God designated to her. While she is not Nostradamus, there are strange similarities in her life's journey, one in being a Certified Aromatherapist where she wants to heal those that want to heal themselves. She believes that God uses people and she is just being used to pass on a message, a message of Love. God Loves you! Read "The Prophet Zone 2" and "The Prophet Zone 3" where her dreams and events that God calls "Zones" will come alive soon. They will be found at a store near you! Sha Rene promises that the Lord will be with you as you read and study the Bible. It is the only place where you will find the truth!

Sha René — Motivational Speaker

Sha René

Sha René will Inspire your Soul!

There are no subjects that do not include God. Every idea that you can think of has a moral view. Read her exciting miracles from god where he show her things that Happen in advance. Most have a few dreams. Sha René has a life record of dreams to share. Book Sha René for a speaking engagement where she will share those dreams. Sha René presents a spiritual aspect with her poetry to life and get your audience to begin talking to God with her book, "If God had @n email Address."

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