If God had @n Email Address

If God had @n Email Address

Write your own email to God and sing!

Listen to Sha Rene' the author of "If God had @n email Address" show you how to write your own email to God. If you email or chat or use the cell phone, God is in each transmission whether you know it or not. He hears your every word. Join this interactive discussion. If you ever wondered if you can talk to God, you can and he talks back. This will be an inspirational journey through poetry and prose. If God had an email address would you write to him every day? Would you ask him to take the pain away? It does not matter what religion you are. This program covers all so you will feel at home and safe when you ask God questions. Be certain that he will answer back. Look for a performance with a musical inspiration as Sha René is a poet and spiritual singer/songwriter.

Sha René — Motivational Speaker

Sha René

Sha René will Inspire your Soul!

There are no subjects that do not include God. Every idea that you can think of has a moral view. Read her exciting miracles from god where he show her things that Happen in advance. Most have a few dreams. Sha René has a life record of dreams to share. Book Sha René for a speaking engagement where she will share those dreams. Sha René presents a spiritual aspect with her poetry to life and get your audience to begin talking to God with her book, "If God had @n email Address."

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