How to Use Gratitude to Reduce STRESS in the Workplace

How to Use Gratitude to Reduce STRESS in the Workplace

Practical Ways to Decrease Stress & Increases Productivity

In this informative and motivational presentation, you will acquire practical ways to use scientific GRATITUDE to alter the way your brain takes in stressful situations. Modern science can show you that STRESS itself is not the enemy, but rather the inability to recognize cumulative, toxic stress in our lives. Experience constructive ways to decrease stress in your organization by creating more gratitude in the workplace. Knowing how to combat stress and reduce its harmful effects will allow your organization to rise above negativity and create a synergistic team environment. In this insightful demonstration you will experience cutting-edge research in the field of neuroscience and its recent discovery that CHRONIC stress literally causes the brain to shrink in size. Learn why repeated exposure to stressful situations in the workplace may cause the body to produce hormones that actually eat away at brain tissue, robbing it of cognitive functions and productivity. Learn How To: - Know the difference between beneficial and harmful stress and how to change it. - Understand the value of social connections in combating chronic stress. - Quickly incorporate the practice of gratitude and “destress” the workplace. - Alter your mindset by using cutting-edge science to change the way you look at stress. - Pay attention to warning signs of cumulative stress and ways to reverse its effects.

Staci Danford-Brains & Business Expert — Motivational Speaker

Staci Danford-Brains & Business Expert

reWIRE your BRAIN to reINVENT your future.

Staci is the perfect mix of JOY & Neuroscience: teaching you how to transform your life, your business and your relationships using cutting-edge science to change brain patterns. This presentation is Interactive, Humorous, Insightful & Unforgettable.

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