Personal Success Begins At Home (Leadership Excellence Genius Zone Workshop #1)

Personal Success Begins At Home (Leadership Excellence Genius Zone Workshop #1)

Where diversity, equity, and inclusion harmonizes synergistically for your team-oriented millennial workforce and corporate family.

The essence of every company is its Leadership Team. In today’s highly competitive market, exceptionally skilled and talented individuals are treasured assets. Johnny’s experiential presentation is an ideal platform to re-energize and empower leaders to refine personal management styles, skills, and behavior tendencies that best reflect the company’s “corporate family culture core values” of diversity, equity, and inclusion through individual leadership skills in a collaborative mindset! ROI for this workshop: A refined leader with enhanced soft skills and self-confidence will create a harmonious work environment that epitomizes the concept that “Team Success and Work Harmony Occur When We Allow the Best in Us to Bring Out the Genius in Others!” Participants will: Gain a new perspective on conscious living and personal leadership. Experience a lasting behavioral change because it is a life-changing personal paradigm shift. Contribute to the corporate family’s loyalty and success through improved team performance and customer service, leading to increased sales and profits.

Johnny Tan Experiential Keynote Speaker — Motivational Speaker

Johnny Tan Experiential Keynote Speaker

Multigenerational Communication & Personal Leadership Expert

Multigenerational Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Teambuilding, Communication, and Leadership Expert - Former Chief Operating Officer, Multi-Award Winning & Bestselling Author, Social Entrepreneur, Executive Career & Life Coach, Mentor, Workshop Presenter, Top 100 Visionaries in Education for the year 2020-2021, Global BRAINZ Magazine Executive Contributor, Radio Talk Show Host, Founder and CEO of From My Mama's Kitchen® Education Platform, and Publisher of Inspirations for Better Living Digital Magazine.

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