The Power of DISC: Unlocking Potential for Effective Leadership

The Power of DISC: Unlocking Potential for Effective Leadership

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Specific DISC trainings available -The Power of DISC: Unlocking Potential for Effective Leadership -Unveiling the Behavioral Puzzle: DISC Analysis and Leading Across Generations -Harnessing the Power of DISC: Leading a Multigenerational Workforce with Confidence Format: -60 minute keynote -2 hour training workshop -Half-day workshop and group discussion D.I.S.C. is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. Determining where you “fit” into the four main personality reference points and how inclined you are to those styles will allow to grow, connect and reach fulfillment with every client and people you meet. YOU WILL ... -Grow in self-awareness -Improve your relationships -Enrich your communication skills -Propel yourself to accomplish your goals *Raise self-awareness Constructive change begins with self-knowledge. DISC profiles show you how you respond to conflict, what motivates you or stresses you out, and how you solve problems. *Improve Teamwork Teams are where things get done in the modern workplace. DISC profiles teach you how to improve communication and understanding between team members. *Make conflict more productive DISC profiles can turn conflict into a positive, productive exercise that helps your organization move forward boldly. *Develop stronger sales skills DISC profiles can also help improve your effectiveness in sales situations. Understanding and adapting to your customers’ styles is essential for connecting on a human level and seeing each other This program is perfect for: -Senior Management -Teams struggling with connection and moving forward -Managers of underperforming sales groups -Sales Force -Corporate Training -Church Leadership

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Stephan Cote

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