Employee Team Building and Motivation!

Employee Team Building and Motivation!

Team Work - Motivating Factors

Building a team is great. However, building a team who will continue to be motivated is quite another element. Trying to keep a team motivated often comes with challenges. This workshop is designed to gain better results and ensure motivation for anyone working in a team environment. Team Leads, Supervisors and Line managers will especially benefit from this motivating session. We'll discuss thinking outside of the box as it relates to team building and defining roles in a team environment. We'll discuss getting to the bottom of roles and goals when working in a team environment and understanding why employees should strive to do their best which benefits the entire team! Through fun and informative group exercises, we'll try to navigate our way through the motivation factor and undoubtedly, gain a better perspective on team environment expectations and keeping teams at their top performance levels. Great workshop choice for any of the following: Anyone challenged by working in a team environment, Team Leads, Human Resources Staff, Supervisors and Line Managers.

Toye Johnson-Vincent, SPEAKER-COACH-HR — Motivational Speaker

Toye Johnson-Vincent, SPEAKER-COACH-HR

Motivation + Networking + Planning = Successful Career-Life!

The architect of a great career begins with a great blueprint! YOU or YOUR Group ready to EXCEL in areas of CAREER & LIFE JOURNEY? INVITE me to SPEAK & INSPIRE! ENERGETIC, EMPOWERING and PRACTICAL PRESENTATIONS help navigate a path of #SUCCESS

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