The Franchised Leadership Symposium

The Franchised Leadership Symposium

"The Million Dollar Person Test"

This workshop is designed to introduce a paradigm in understanding how to manage, evaluate, sustain and grow an agency or organization utilizing best practices as applied to other corporate franchises. Topics covered will include discussions on mission, purpose, and performance. Goal-setting, evaluation and vision planning along with time management and appropriate advising strategies will also be introduced to help members take their organizational experience to the next level. Employers, educators, and service providers are also faced with a new dilemma. We are now living in a time whereby in order to provide services to clients you may now have to work with four people across possibly four or five generations. These generation gaps often express themselves as conflicts and can lead to misunderstandings, miscommunications and often hinder progress create barriers or build resentment. This interactive workshop will use theory, multimedia examples and exercises in critical thinking to help attendees understand the five generations they could encounter and belong to and the nuances that generally explain their attitudes and behaviors. Special attention will be paid to how the differing generations view education, work, family and relationships. The goal of the workshop is to give attendees the tools necessary to manage across generations using the “Franchise” analogy and theory to help clients, colleagues, and service providers to increase the way they positively interact across generations.

Bryant K. Smith — Motivational Speaker

Bryant K. Smith

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