What Really Happened January 28, 1986?

What Really Happened January 28, 1986?

Fifty Percent of Your Life is Determined By Choices—One Decision Cost Seven Lives

It was 28 degrees on that fateful day in January of 1986 at Kennedy Space Center, Fla. Giani was very fortunate to have been selected to be part of a small team of engineers to work at pad 39B for the Space Shuttle Challenger 51 L launch. They were allowed the closest access to the launch pad. The photo you see on the front cover of the book is the actual photograph Giani took just seconds after the explosion. NASA arrived and confiscated his camera from the same location he took the photo. Later, NASA developed the film. What really happened that day? What takeaways can be learned from the horrible mistake made? Giani will take your meeting to a new awareness of how life can be seen not in the past or the future but in the now. The present is the time to make decisions. What we learn from the past is what we don't learn from the past. Why are so many bad decisions being made today? In 1-2 hours, your business leaders will learn not only how to make better decisions but how to deal with stress, anxiety, and worry. Yes, the decision made in 1986 was bad, but how do you, as a leader, make important decisions with all the chaos in our world today?

Giani — As Seen on America's Got Talent — Motivational Speaker

Giani — As Seen on America's Got Talent

Giani provides programs that include magic and mentalism!

Decision-making amongst all the chaos. How? Giani provides a Las Vegas value, audience-interactive, content-driven presentation you will never forget. A FULL-TIME national speaker, author, professional performer, and cancer survivor. Where magic and content collide with an unforgettable finish! Much more than a stand-up talk, it's a life-changing experience where the audience is 100 percent involved. Unlimited options and packages are available. A combined 90 reviews on GigSalad, GigMasters, and Google. Value-oriented. This is a new world now; things have changed. Sure, you can book a conventional speaker. Or, you can book an unconventional speaker who has adapted and presents a one-of-a-kind program that will be talked about months, if not years, after your conference ends. Next stops: Indianapolis, North Texas, Chicago, Seattle, Colorado Springs. New York, New Jersey, Kalahari Lake Chelan Resorts and Las Vegas. Quick connect: 210-219-5596

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