Explosive Power in Volunteerism

Explosive Power in Volunteerism

Empowerment through Volunteering

Lessons for the whole Team! This is a story about community, hope, compassion and the one becoming the many as the many become one. It is team synergy that enables us to change our world; one person - one situation at a time through Volunteerism. In 2013, 2014 & 2015 Stan was the managing volunteer directing the energies and efforts of over 10,000 volunteers that provided holiday assistance In 2007 Mr. Reynolds was honored to be Volunteer of the Year from a field that exceeded 20,000 volunteers. In 2015, he received a Life Time Achievement Award. Out of that experience was birthed this session, T&T an Explosive Power in Volunteerism. It is when we invest our TIME to be part of a TEAM that we create an environment to that (seemingly) allows miracles happens. . (Recently, in Denver, I was welcomed into a small section of the homeless community as an insider, in comparison to just a provider of services. AND I can assure you that your efforts as a volunteer, regardless of where or what you are doing, DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Many times you do not see the impact that you are making, however it is real. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for volunteering.) Volunteerism was the foundation that our country was built upon. That same foundation can bring us back to a place were love prevails and hope is in abundance providing peace of mind to both the giver and the receiver. This is a great session, that will inspire and motivate your volunteers to continue their valuable commitment to serve. Stan will structure his presentation around the needs of your volunteers and what you want them to accomplish. We will heap sincere praises on each team member for their sacrifice and we will make them feel loved and appreciated. Stan will deliver this message with a servant's heart. We will cry and laugh together. Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Sincerely Yours. Stanley J. Reynolds Dear Meeting Planner: It is my sincere desire to speak to your volunteers, it is a part of whom I am, it is my passion. Thank you for considering me. I would be very honored to serve your organization. Stan

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Stan Reynolds

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