Fine-Tuning Your Financial Literacy

Fine-Tuning Your Financial Literacy

Simple Steps to Creating Financial Abundance

Fine-Tuning Your Financial Literacy will help your audience discover the power of taking charge of their finances, cashflow, and destiny. In this program, you will discover: - How discipline creates freedom in your financial world - Fighting off the monster of immediate gratification - How to find the right kind of expert at the right time Madeline's extensive experience in running a multi-million dollar business has created several hard-earned lessons.

Madeline Frank, Ph.D, DTM — Motivational Speaker

Madeline Frank, Ph.D, DTM

Leadership On a Shoestring Budget

How is the health of your business or organization? Best Selling Author Madeline Frank has helped countless businesses and organizations create strong leadership cultures, stay up in down times, and deal with difficult people with her award winning programs.

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