Stress, the Spice of Life

Stress, the Spice of Life

A women's stress: flavor of the month

Learning what stress does to the body both physically and mentally. Coping, breakdown of patho and solutions.

Dr. Noella C. West, DNP, APRN — Motivational Speaker

Dr. Noella C. West, DNP, APRN

Creating messaging on the heart, mind and wellness of all

Mission: Bringing value to your organization by speaking on patient, individual, community and healthcare to improve and motivate to achieve full health and well-being across the lifespan Value: Noella C. West helps create an environment for learning in the realm of women living well, disease management (neurology, stroke, heart health), improving self care as well as nursing trends. Compassionate about state of healthcare, and creating a dynamic and forward-moving atmosphere to positive learning. Vision: To be known as a creator of positive change in the healthcare industry. Drive transformation and innovation with educating the community of those we serve. Ability to engage and examine the benefits of taking control of your health.

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