Navigating Leadership

Navigating Leadership

Leadership Lessons Learned at Sea

As a leader in sales and marketing for twenty years, and then captaining his own boat around the world, Larry Jacobson speaks with unique authority and credibility. As a leader and adventurer, he weaves tales of his six-year odyssey circumnavigating the globe with the challenges of leadership in our fast-paced business world. There are similarities in leading your crew while facing 30-foot walls of water slamming into your boat in a horrific Red Sea storm, and leading in your company. It’s lonely, scary, and it’s easy to want to make it all go away. Making your dream of sailing around the world come true doesn’t happen by luck, but by good leadership and visualizing achievement. Like sailing around the world, leadership in business is making decisions, taking risks, maintaining a good attitude, facing fears, staying focused, and digging deep for strength and perseverance. Larry Jacobson used these same traits and business disciplines to close millions of dollars in business, and to complete his circumnavigation. From high-tech to home products, Larry understands sales cycles and distribution channels, and what it takes to close sales in just about any industry. His keynote is the perfect fit for any sales meeting, conference, or incentive program. Leadership begins when anyone decides to be their best and Larry challenges each listener to do just that: Achieve Unstoppable Performance in Leadership. This keynote is the perfect fit for any sales meeting, conference, association, or incentive program, your attendees will learn: • How to feel comfortable taking risks • The skills of recognizing fears and using them to their advantage while in a leadership role • How to make decisions more promptly and effectively • That without dreams, leaders have nowhere to lead to • The importance of goal-setting as part of being a leader • That tenacity is a skill best learned from practice • That a leader has to lead all the way to the final conclusion. As a true thought leader in the field of leadership, Jacobson's credibility, wit, and eagerness for you to have a successful event, add up to a great keynote. He is a well seasoned speaker with over 20 years experience in the event industry. He's a great leader for your event.

Larry Jacobson Adventurer, Author, Coach — Motivational Speaker

Larry Jacobson Adventurer, Author, Coach

Inspiring Unstoppable Performance!

"Leadership is managing fears, taking risks, living with passion, having goals, visions, perseverance, focus, and a positive attitude. These are all skills used in business and in sailing a boat all the way around the world."

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