The LUCK Principle(TM)

The LUCK Principle(TM)

4 Timeless Principles and 1 Counter-Intuitive Secret for Improving Business Relationships

Successful leaders and businesses are centered on people. Yet employee engagement remains low in almost all organizations, and customer relationship management projects fail at an alarmingly high rate. This session dives into the secrets of success in building relationships personally, and scaling the principles of relationship success to work in business. The content is presented in a set of 5 timeless principles that are easy to understand, but that take a lifetime to master. Geoff uses the LUCK Principle(TM) to discuss timeless rules that have transformed how individuals work together inside and outside of their organizations. Counter-intuitive secrets to relationship success are shared in a clear and concise format, giving attendees practical guidance to apply to themselves and in their organizations. Stories, statistics and case studies are used to demonstrate how organizations have improved customer loyalty and employee satisfaction by applying the principles discussed in the session. The content for this session can be tuned to focus either on individual relationship development, or to focus on applying technology to scale the principles across thousands of employee and customer relationships.

Geoff Ables — Motivational Speaker

Geoff Ables

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Featured in USA Today and Business Week, Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker Shares the Secrets of Creating Better Relationships in Life and in Business!

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