Embracing Change

Embracing Change

How to be Proactive about Change because it's Here to Stay

Change can be scary and upsetting. It doesn't have to be though if you learn how to embrace change. For the most part, we don't like change as it invades our comfort zone. But change is normal, we live in a world of change. We may want constant, steady, reliable lives at home and in business, but there will always be change and Change is Here to Stay.In business, it's one of the few experiences that is almost inevitable. In sailing, the wind changes and you need to change course to accommodate the wind. In business, conditions change like the weather. You see, and seek, new opportunities and new ways to improve your products and better serve your customers, because your customers are the reason you're in business. Seeing new opportunities is one thing. Being agile enough, and able to adapt to new conditions is critical to success, and that means charting a new course. It means being proactive and creating a plan to incorporate change into your personal and business life. • We are afraid of change. You'll learn how to manage those fears and use them to your advantage. • You'll learn the importance of staying on the new course, which embraces change. • You'll see the importance of teamwork when incorporating changes into your company. • You will see how critical it is to have perseverance to survive the changes. • Why you should be passionate about your life, your work, and everything you do. Passion will drive you through any short or long term obstacles This is an excellent inspirational keynote for sales kickoffs, dealer meetings, incentives, and anytime a company or group is experiencing changes in your industry or field. Your audience will take away a new appreciation for the importance of accepting change.

Larry Jacobson Adventurer, Author, Coach — Motivational Speaker

Larry Jacobson Adventurer, Author, Coach

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"Leadership is managing fears, taking risks, living with passion, having goals, visions, perseverance, focus, and a positive attitude. These are all skills used in business and in sailing a boat all the way around the world."

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