Improving Productivity at Staff Meetings

Improving Productivity at Staff Meetings

Exposing and Challenging Dysfunctional Beliefs

During this one-day training, Anneshia Freeman (MBA, MSW), exposes, and challenges, ten dysfunctional, unconscious beliefs that cause people to engage in unproductive conversations that tie-up staff meetings. Anneshia provides strategies, and techniques, for deactivating those beliefs, in real-time, so the meeting can continue in a productive manner. To schedule a training, contact Abbreviated Version of Training:

Anneshia Freeman MBA, MSW, CADC, CPRM — Motivational Speaker

Anneshia Freeman MBA, MSW, CADC, CPRM

The Locksmith - A Maker of "Keys" for "Locks" in the Mind

Anneshia Freeman is an author, a motivational speaker, a consultant for the non-profit industry and for-profit businesses, an award-winning therapist, an award-winning activist, a program developer, and a trainer. She has a powerful come-from-behind victory story of surviving horrific childhood and adulthood trauma, overcoming a 15 year addiction to drugs and alcohol, and healing from a trauma-based belief system. Anneshia is the creator of a Cognitive Restructuring and Resocialization Program.

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