Making Ideas Happen

Making Ideas Happen

Passion, Priorities, and Perseverance

Many people have ideas for their own personal growth and for new ways to accomplish more at their work. Sadly, many ideas never come to fruition because one or more of the following three characteristics are missing: 1. Passion. No great idea ever happened without dedicated passion. Do you want your idea to happen more than the status quo? 2. The idea must be made a priority of the originator. And they must make it a company priority. The company must then buy in to the idea. That will put more passion behind it in order to fuel its success. 3. Most ideas never happen because the person or company doesn't persevere. Making an idea happen is not an event, but rather a process. Larry Jacobson had an idea when he was 13 years old that he would sail around the world. It took him 33 years of passion, prioritizing, and perseverance to make that dream come true. And it took an enormous amount of all three of these traits to spend six years sailing his own boat all the way around the world. This as an area in which Larry Jacobson is indeed an expert, and was the standing ovation topic of Larry's TEDx talk to a youth group. From 30 to 50 minutes, Larry uses stories, pictures, and makes the subject relevant to the lives of the audience. This talk is a winner!

Larry Jacobson Adventurer, Author, Coach — Motivational Speaker

Larry Jacobson Adventurer, Author, Coach

Inspiring Unstoppable Performance!

"Leadership is managing fears, taking risks, living with passion, having goals, visions, perseverance, focus, and a positive attitude. These are all skills used in business and in sailing a boat all the way around the world."

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