No-Fail, No-Excuses

No-Fail, No-Excuses

Go from Entrepreneur to Leader. And grow your business.

You have started a company. You have had some success. Now what? Everyone is looking at you…your staff, your customers, and your competitors. Are you prepared to grow your business? Will you be ready to make the right decisions? Maybe. Victoria Bondoc created a "No-Fail, No-Excuses" culture that has supported the Navy Seals, Homeland Security, and some of the most complex National Security projects. She will discuss how you can create a plan for success using concepts that she used to generate $300 million in sales and build a company that operates at 12 US locations and overseas. Time is money. Your team is waiting. What are you doing?

National Security & Business Experts — Motivational Speaker

National Security & Business Experts

Turn Mission Impossible to Mission Success

A maverick in National Security, Victoria Bondoc grew Gemini to operations at 12 US locations and abroad. As a Foreign Service officer, Greg Hicks developed global strategies and led the effort that saved the lives of over 30 Americans in Benghazi.

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