How Much is A Name Worth to Your Business?

How Much is A Name Worth to Your Business?

New Business, Repeat Business and Referral Business All Start from Remembering A Name!

Talk includes: 1. What is “A Name” Worth to Your Business? 2. How much is the LVC, Lifetime Value of That Customer? a. We will do the math during this talk. 3. Why is remembering someone’s name important to your business? a. Building Instant Rapport b. Get People to Know, Like and Trust You Quickly c. Getting Referrals Without Asking 4. What can you do about this? a. Learn how to remember names (Quick tip given during talk).

Dave Farrow, the "pharaoh" of memory  — Motivational Speaker

Dave Farrow, the "pharaoh" of memory

Farrow Method for Memory Improvement and Speed Learning

Dave Farrow - Leading Expert on Memory and Focus Improvement, Brain Based Learning, Accelerated Learning, Self-directed Learning. Dave shares simple, fun and effective skills to help you laugh and learn your way to success in any area of life.

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