Simple Steps to Presenting with Confidence

Do you ever find yourself at a total loss for words, get the feeling you’re talking in circles, or worry that you’re just not making your point? Does the thought of speaking up in a meeting give you the sweats... the idea of presenting a contrary opinion leave you queasy? Then don’t miss Certified Speaking Professional® Sima Dahl as she busts common speaking myths wide open, giving you ample room to write a new story where you shine bright in every conversation. Leave your jitters at the door —you’ll need two hands to carry out all your newfound confidence. Audience: This program has many applications for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs, HR & Leadership Development Professionals, Career Go-Getters, and Women & Affinity Groups Format: 45-60-minute keynote, 1.5-2hr breakout, or a half-day workshop

Sima Dahl, CSP — Motivational Speaker

Sima Dahl, CSP

Sway Factorâ„¢ - Stand Out. Stay Relevant. Be in Demand.

Drive Sales, Recruit & Retain Top Talent & Turn Every Employee into an Online Brand Ambassador - Sima is a Marketing, Sales & Leadership triple-play! This powerhouse female speaker will engage your audience and move them to action every single time!

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