Managing a Customer Service Crisis

Managing a Customer Service Crisis

What to do when it's your fault

It's inevitable that things will go wrong once in a while: products arrive late, incorrect orders, instructions are overlooked. How you handle the situation can mean the difference between understanding client and a furious one, not to mention the possibility of second sale for the future. In this seminar you will learn the 4 A's of customer service crises: 1. Admit that you've made a mistake 2. Apologize with certain verbal techniques and empathetic statements 3. Ask for another sale to make things right 4. Appreciate your customer

Steven Sewell — Motivational Speaker

Steven Sewell

Encouraging Hope in Leadership and their Teams

Building bridges of hope to individuals, leadership teams , and individuals in profit and non-profit organizations through presentations about conflicts, resiliency, grief, loss, self-care, advocacy, customer service, influence, and supervisory relationship management.

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