Various Disability and Diversity Related Topics

Various Disability and Diversity Related Topics

Communication, Education, Rights, Diversity, Inclusion, and Living Your Best Life with a Disability

Amanda is able to speak on multiple disability related topics that are specialized and modified for each individual audience, corporation, and industries. Here are a few examples: - 5 Ways to Communicate with the Deaf/ Hard of Hearing - Overcoming a Disability: How I Did It. - Handling Hearing Loss Like A Pro - Deaf Stereotypes and Misrepresentation in the Media. - 5 Ways To Make Your Business More Accessible - Workplace Inclusion - The Medical Field and Disability

Amanda McDonough — Motivational Speaker

Amanda McDonough

Motivational Speaker/ TV & Film Actress/ Published Author

Speaker, Motivator, Teacher, & Resilience Trainer for 30+ organizations! As seen on NBC, ABC, Freeform & more! Overcome obstacles! Be the hero of your life story! Never give up on your dreams! Be a leader! Turn -'s into +'s. Bilingual.

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