Lead like you're on F.I.R.E!

Lead like you're on F.I.R.E!

Leaders need motivation too!

As school leaders, how do you stay motivated? Not only do you have to manage the expectations of the district, the central office, and the school, but the needs of the community (not to mention your own personal needs). Lead like you're on F.I.R.E is a motivational speech where Stephen outline 4 basic leadership principles that helps leaders 'stay the course' and rekindle their passion, drive, and motivation! These timeless, yet common sense principles will ground you in times of stress, uncertainty, and ambiguity. Furthermore, school leaders have an opportunity to receive 1:1 support through Stephen consultation program.

The Student Engagement Agent — Motivational Speaker

The Student Engagement Agent

Content that entertains, educates, excites, and empowers!

Paving the Way for Exceptional Classroom Experiences and Masterful Motivational Speaking! Stephen E. Boyd, M.ED, is a highly respected educator and the founder of SB Entertainment, LLC. With his extensive experience and passion for education, Boyd is making waves in the K-12 education sector with his innovative approach to professional development. His focus on classroom management and student engagement is paving the way for exceptional classroom experiences

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