7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Students

7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Students

A Humorous Guide to Better Grades

This entertaining program challenges, motivates and empowers students to improve their choices and habits. Often, students learn best by seeing how not to do something. In this session, after each of the bad habits is presented, a number of strategies show how to prevent these habits from negatively impacting the students at your school. Students will learn test taking, time management, reading strategies and much more. Each student will pledge to work on one habit for three weeks. Dr. Howell has a heart for helping all students succeed. He's seen here with his kindergarten teacher. That was his favorite teacher of all time. He invited her to his doctoral graduation. In many ways, kindergarten was the last class he really enjoyed. Now, after 11,000 research hours, he has discovered why school was such a struggle for him. This edutaining program is full of critical study skills, learning strategies and brain-based learning principles that are ideal for all types of learners!

Dusti Howell, Ph.D. — Motivational Speaker

Dusti Howell, Ph.D.

Empowering Tools for a Life Rich in Happiness

Happiness profoundly impacts our well-being, health, performance, productivity, and those around us. Dusti brings a world of experience and research in his presentations in the form of edutainment at its best. His motivational and impactful talks are spiced with inspiration, humor, and engaging stories. His EXUBERANCE and ENERGY get people focused on what they can do now to live a happier and more abundant life. His keynote messages on happiness are helping create a wave of positivity. 

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