Kids in Crisis

Kids in Crisis

Helping Educators help Kids Find their Smile During Adversity, Grief, Loss, and Change

1. Identify the current leading points of crisis in students' lives 2. Understand the scope of grief that students experience in crisis 3. Learn how to offer a balanced approach to help grieving students without stepping over boundaries 4. Learn the art of advocacy and condolence through presence. 5. Understand and appreciate when and how to refer a student to the professional counselor 6. Identify self-care as the primary action step for adults to helping students reconcile grief

Steven Sewell — Motivational Speaker

Steven Sewell

Encouraging Hope in Leadership and their Teams

Building bridges of hope to individuals, leadership teams , and individuals in profit and non-profit organizations through presentations about conflicts, resiliency, grief, loss, self-care, advocacy, customer service, influence, and supervisory relationship management.

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