From Fax to Facebook

From Fax to Facebook

MultiGenerations in the Workforce

Do you ever ask yourself these questions? What Are “THEY” Thinking? & How Do I Deal with “Them”? & Do “THEY” Ever Listen? If these questions have crossed your mind, then this session is for you! Participants will gain an overview of the Five Generations in the Workplace, Managing and Leading the Generations, the Impact on Training, Turnoffs for each Generation, and Selling to a Multi-Generational Workforce. Comments from participants: “Glenna's presentation on Generations in the Workplace was just what my supervisors and managers needed to raise awareness that generational differences do matter in the work place. I would recommend Humanistic Consulting to any company or group that has a diverse generational work force.” Texas Convention & Visitors Bureau

Glenna Hecht — Motivational Speaker

Glenna Hecht

Speaker, Consultant, Author, HR Guru

Glenna Hecht is an accomplished speaker, trainer, consultant, and author as well as a certified SPHR.. Her 30 years of experience and her do the right thing philosophy provide a winning combination that has led to significant ROI for her clients.

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