Awakening The Dreamer For Kids and Teens

Awakening The Dreamer For Kids and Teens

Starting Their Life Right!

This is an auditorium version of our environmental journey. Learn where we are today, how we got here and what you can do. Kids learn things like recycling, planting trees, choosing products, sharing toys, and learning to care, to give, and to find causes. Each child will awaken to their own individual role on the planet. This fun-filled presentation is packed with power points, cartoons, graphics, games, and music. By the end of this keynote, kids are literally jumping out of their seats and ready to make a difference not only in their own lives but the world in which we live.

Nicole Brandon — Motivational Speaker

Nicole Brandon


Nicole's life became a movie of the week material when a near death experience changed her life. Told her body had been destroyed she used her knowledge of Unlimited Potential and within a year climbed The Great Wall of China and went on to become one of the most renowned fitness experts and motivational speakers in the world today. Her Unlimited Life talks have received accolades worldwide. She is a favorite consultant for Fortune 500 companies sharing her knowledge and wisdom of the mastery of reaching your goals and dreams. A best selling author, a famed athlete, dancer, actress, and health master. Nicole is a global consultant, Key Note Speaker for audiences of 5000 and motivational inspiration. Her Keynotes from the Olympics to the UN inspire people across the world on how to live, create and master an Unlimited Life.

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