Living the "Feel Good" Lifestyle

Living the "Feel Good" Lifestyle

Easy ways to make lifestyle changes that will make you feel fantastic

Easy ways to help yourself make dreaded "lifestyle changes" so you can feel good, presented in a fun and accessible way. These easy tips for self-motivation can be applied to many areas of life. TAKEAWAYS * Discover ways to take control of your thoughts and feelings * Learn to take good care of yourself because it FEELS GOOD * Find Motivation for Movement * Realize you had the power to heal yourself all along * Start to live a healthier and happier life AUDIENCE: Everyone, women, men, children, church groups, school groups, family reunions, people who like to laugh, the hard-headed, couch potatoes APPLICATIONS: Health and Wellness initiatives, Motivation, Mental Health TIME: 45-60 minutes

Lisa Devon - Motivational Poet  — Motivational Speaker

Lisa Devon - Motivational Poet

Your words have power!

I help audiences learn how to live the "Feel-Good Lifestyle" by speaking about painless ways to make healthy choices that feel great!

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