Aetna 2013 African American History Calendar

Aetna 2013 African American History Calendar

Laughter in April with Dr. ShelbyLane

The Aetna 2013 African American History Calendar is a tribute to complementary and alternative Medicine. The calendar features some of the best experts in their fields in this arena. Please take a look at the best.(especially April) Excerpt from Aetna Calendar: "Healthful lifestyles call for healthful alternatives" We live in a time where there are many alternatives. Health care is no exception. While alternative medicine therapies have been practiced around the world for centuries, their use has become more prevalent in the United States, especially over the last three decades. Read amazing stories about how: laughter and art therapy can stimulate minds yoga can help find balance and meaning in life aromatherapy can help ease anxieties herbal remedies can temper cold symptoms chiropractic medicine can help manage pain and heal homeopathic remedies can treat insect bites meditation can help manage stress The individuals featured believe in their work because they have tried the therapies and remedies. They, too, were looking for cures to heal their own ailments from anxiety to addictions, from sports injuries to skin rashes. By integrating modern medicine with alternative medicine, we can help people live smarter, healthier and happier." Thank you Aetna for recognizing that health and healing a is multifaceted journey. Thank you for being open to all forms of care. Check out the link below. ShelbyLaneMD Keep Laughing!

ShelbyLane, MD — Motivational Speaker

ShelbyLane, MD

Laugh More-Live Longer

Dr. Cynthia Shelby-Lane is a physician, comedienne and motivational speaker. Laughter is the best medicine and her experience and talent are the best prescription for your next event.

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