Keynote: Gambling Addiction

Keynote: Gambling Addiction

Overcoming a debilitating addiction

My Gambling Addiction Story is embarrassing, sad, painful, enlightening and inspirational!! I'll take you through the highs, and lows, of what this debilitating addiction does to people within its grasp. From losing everything I owned after gambling for 20 years, to my 14-year financial recovery. I now use the story of my 34-year struggle to inspire others to overcome their addictions while giving non-addicts an inspiring, heart-warming story leaving them hope and joy.

Jim Klipp — Motivational Speaker

Jim Klipp

Recovered Gambling Addict

A Gambling Addict who has overcome his debilitating addiction and now helps others overcome their addiction. Jim shares his 20 years of gambling experience and 14 years of financial recovery after quitting to help others overcome and recover so that they too can move on with their lives.

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