Escaping Paradise

Escaping Paradise

Choices that can change your life

Nicole Brandon is the most sought after speaker and expert in the Health - Wealth and Wellness World Today. A New York Times Best Selling Author, her seat edging and inspirational story will shake your soul and open your world to possibilities like never before. Having won 220 out of 220 competitions Nicole understands the Principles of Success. Her multiplicity in Winning lead her to become a top author, a well known actress, a key celebrity and one of the most famous fitness figures of all time. Nicole was the Title Winner of Miss Dance of America and Miss Acrobat of the United States. Her unlimited potential she coins "Artistry In Motion" which is the way she lives. In 2001 a car accident exploded her world. The best doctors across the globe were certain her career and physical life had come to an end. Nicole's diligence, focus, strength and amazing skills in unlimited potentiality defied doctors and the medical world across the world. Within one year of her car being blown apart, Nicole climbed the Great Wall in China and went to work with the Chinese Acrobats as a contortionist. Her defying recovery caught the media eye and she went on to open centers, clubs, studios, clinics and research facilities at every turn. Having created more than 100 programs on wellness, she is the Regeneration Queen. From heart attack and stroke recovery to Parkinsons, pediatric pain and even in strength building for world class athletes, Nicole knows each individuals key to wellness, health and success. Her infamous designs and innovative programs are now implemented in hotels, spas, health clubs, golf courses, hospitals, corporate events, Fortune 500 companies, conscious seminars and featured in films and books worldwide. She is the top expert on Health, Financial Gain, Wellness and Reaching your Goals and Dreams. To learn more on how you can choose the ultimate life. Book her today!

Nicole Brandon — Motivational Speaker

Nicole Brandon


Nicole's life became a movie of the week material when a near death experience changed her life. Told her body had been destroyed she used her knowledge of Unlimited Potential and within a year climbed The Great Wall of China and went on to become one of the most renowned fitness experts and motivational speakers in the world today. Her Unlimited Life talks have received accolades worldwide. She is a favorite consultant for Fortune 500 companies sharing her knowledge and wisdom of the mastery of reaching your goals and dreams. A best selling author, a famed athlete, dancer, actress, and health master. Nicole is a global consultant, Key Note Speaker for audiences of 5000 and motivational inspiration. Her Keynotes from the Olympics to the UN inspire people across the world on how to live, create and master an Unlimited Life.

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