Make Passion Your Priority

Make Passion Your Priority


* The hottest topic going * From TEDx talks to corporate meetings, making passion your priority is now Larry Jacobson’s single most requested speech. Larry opens his heart to tell the story of discovering his passion for sailing at the age of 13. Then he jumps right in to the lives of the audience and how important passion is for them, how to find it, and how it can improve the quality of their work and personal lives. By getting to know you and your audience in advance, Larry then weaves his tale of passion into the work-lives of the audience with great effectiveness using stories and slides from his 6 years of sailing around the world. Humor, emotion, and passion are keys to delivering this keynote and Larry Jacobson has them all.

Larry Jacobson Adventurer, Author, Coach — Motivational Speaker

Larry Jacobson Adventurer, Author, Coach

Inspiring Unstoppable Performance!

"Leadership is managing fears, taking risks, living with passion, having goals, visions, perseverance, focus, and a positive attitude. These are all skills used in business and in sailing a boat all the way around the world."

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