Re-Ignite, Re-Energize, Re-Set: High-Impact Strategies to Approach Challenges and Opportunities

Re-Ignite, Re-Energize, Re-Set: High-Impact Strategies to Approach Challenges and Opportunities

High-Impact Strategies to Approach Challenges and Opportunities

During this presentation, Daphne re-ignites and equips staff or leadership with the energy, motivation, and inspiration to move forwards in the midst of challenges or opportunities, all while sharing a very practical, specific way to understand how to assess where you are and where you want to be when it comes to your approach to personal and professional circumstances. Audiences have said this presentation not only shifts the way they think about things professionally but has had a huge impact on their perspectives about the possibilities for their lives personally as well! She has facilitated this program with sales teams, staff, directors, and associations across the country, and she has always received great feedback about the long-term impact of this program on the team. Often, even before she ends the speaking engagement, individuals are sharing with her the impact this presentation made on them! FORMAT: ​30-60 minute keynote/ 60-minute breakout *Time can be adjusted THIS PROGRAM IS PERFECT FOR: ​Teams struggling with forward momentum Senior management desiring to increase motivation for their teams Teams needing to enhance their communication Teams needing to increase their motivation in the midst of challenges THE AUDIENCE WILL: ​✓ Understand the 7 types of responses to personal and professional challenges and opportunities that impact your ability to lead ✓ Gain practical strategies to persevere towards strategic goals, despite challenges or frustrations that might come up along the way ✓ Explore how your most prominent motivations for personal and professional success impact professional interactions and outcomes TESTIMONIAL: As a speaker, Daphne engages the crowd in a way that leaves the audience hanging on to every word. Daphne's spirit and energy are unparalleled. I will follow her to the end of the earth because I know that anything that she is a part of - it will be phenomenal. When she puts her mind to something, considered it done. Kristen C., Learning and Development Director, PBS

Coach Daphne Valcin — Motivational Speaker

Coach Daphne Valcin

National Trainer, Speaker, and Coach

Daphne went from experiencing immense struggle in her youth to speaking at her college graduation, going on to graduate from an Ivy League and create a successful business! She has engaged, inspired, and enlightened audiences as large as 6,000!

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